Pre-Lash Treatment

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  • Pre-Lash Treatment
  • Pre-Lash Treatment
  • Pre-Lash Treatment

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Our eyelash extension pre-treatment solution is the key to all your prep works. The best sidekick. Here are her sidekick powers.

  • Brush her through the natural lashes to create a clean and matte surface without stripping all the natural oils.
  • Paint her on your lash strip prior to lashing for better retention and quicker curing time.
  • Use her to crystalize your volume fans.

Direction for Use:

Dispense a single drop onto a clean lint free applicator. This is enough for both eyes. With another dry lint free applicator, gently sandwich the natural eyelashes between your applicators and move in a swiping motion from the eyeline and down towards the tips of the natural eyelashes. 

Caution: Do not get solution into eyes.



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